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Sidney in Japan

Traditional illustration of Sidney from my webtoon Chorus in a manga style. Illustration traditionnelle de Sidney de mon webtoon Chorus dans un style manga.

Kitchen Mayhem

Gouache painting with colour pencils. Illustration à la gouache et aux crayons de couleur.

Mythomagic Trading Card Game

Inspired by the book series Percy Jackson written by Rick Riordan, I created a fan version of what could be the Mythomagic cards that are present in the series.


A poster made for my manga Kamen Students. “Une affiche pour mon manga Kamen Students.«  🇬🇧 Read it here for free: 🇫🇷 Lecture en ligne gratuite

One Piece – Wa no Kuni

Wa no Kuni arc from the manga One Piece was full of amazing characters and I wanted to pay tribute to them. I chose a size evoking the kakemonos to fit the traditional japanese theme of this island. L’arc du pays de Wa du manga One Piece était rempli de personnages incroyables et j’ai voulu …

A summer with you

Inspired by the music video of the song Chew on my heart by James Bay, I wanted to recreate this summer feeling with Sidney and Devon from my series Chorus. To add to the atmosphere I printed them as polaroids. Inspirée par le clip de Chew on my heart de James Bay, j’ai voulu recréer …

Adoration by night & morning

These illustrations were created as a diptych and represent the relationship between Morgan & Gabriel from Café Obscur. They depict the tenderness they have for each other throughout the day. Their bedroom becomes a character itself through the many details that have been spread out in every corner, introducing the spectator into their magical world. …


Café Obscur

Café Obscur is a project composed of illustrated Short-Stories. Café Obscur est un projet composé de plusieurs Histoires Courtes Illustrées. Discover the daily life of Morgan, a centuries-old Wizard, and Gabriel, an ex-Farmer boy. Together, they decide to open a Café, where humans, but also supernatural beings, come for peace and comfort… Découvrez le quotidien …



« All I want is to share with you everything that I am and want to be. » « Tout ce que je veux c’est partager avec toi, tout ce que je suis et ce que je veux être. » Chorus was created for the 2021 Webtoon Contest and was a great opportunity for me to try a new …


The Knight

« I’m sure of one thing. Whatever the future holds, Johannah is the Knight, and she’ll protect us all. » « Je suis certain d’une chose. Quoique le futur nous réserve, Johannah est le Chevalier, et elle nous protégera tous. » Using one of my original character Johannah the knight, I created a short story for the Shonen jump …


Kamen Students

« Monsters are coming from outer space?! Worry not dear fellow earthlings, the KAMEN STUDENTS are here to save the day under the spotlight! » « Des monstres débarquent du fin fond de l’espace?! N’ayez crainte chers compatriotes terriens, les KAMEN STUDENTS sont là pour vous sauver la mise sous le feu des projecteurs! » KAMEN STUDENTS is an …


Enzo et la Ceinture Noire

« Enzo and the Black Belt » is a french project created for HB editions. I was commissioned to do art from a script written by Hugues Bardet. The comic was made to raise awareness among young people about the Psoriasis illness. « Enzo et la Ceinture Noire » est un projet français créé pour HB editions. J’ai réalisé …

Pencil To Paper To Pepper

Created as a way to materialize my drawing tools and interact with them, Pencil to Paper to Pepper, is a universe that helps me process my artstyle. Through their adventures I explore more personal topics, either in short stories or illustrations. I made a retrospective following a decade of creations with them in the book …


Ice Crime

Ice Crime is a 5 volumes shoujo series. The story revolves around Michiru and Gyunzu, two teenagers who have to work together as models even though they can’t stand each other. As time flies they discover they share a terrible past together. A new information that may change everything in their life. Ice Crime is …